Sherene Hess

Indiana County Commissioner

Commissioner Sherene Hess

Sherene Hess began serving as Indiana County Commissioner in January 2016 after a nearly twenty-five-year career in environmental resources conservation and management. Commissioner Hess’s professional accomplishments include assisting agricultural producers in western PA in efforts to protect soil and water; expanding the county recycling center and programs; facilitating hundreds of water quality education projects across the state; and working with organizations to elevate awareness of the challenges and opportunities of the significant growth of the unconventional well production in PA. She also has held appointments on local and state advisory boards.

As a result of her position as county commissioner and her service as president of the League of Women Voters for fourteen years, Commissioner Hess understands the complex issues facing Indiana County, the region, and the state. In partnership with other elected officials and many government and nonprofit organizations, Hess’ current efforts includes coordination and delivery of crucial human services that protect the most vulnerable and needy; expansion of the capacity for drug and alcohol and mental health services; provision for sufficient and continuous justice system operations and key emergency management services; and promotion of workforce development, and business and job creation in the county.

She heads an initiative to establish the Indiana County Sustainable Economic Development Task Force, which will link with existing economic development efforts to identify new opportunities in the renewable energy sector, sustainable agriculture, new building construction and renovation using sustainable methods, and environmental restoration and natural resources stewardship. Commissioner Hess earned a degree in environmental resources management through the College of Agriculture Sciences at Penn State University.

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