Needs Assessment Report


The United Way of Indiana County (UWIC) in an effort to increase community impact proposed a three step action plan:

  1. Identify and address critical community needs.
  2. Identify where and how United Way can make an impact.
  3. Align funding allocation to effectively meet community needs.

For the first and second action steps, the UWIC contracted the Program Evaluation and Applied Research (PEAR) Lab of the Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP), led by Dr. Kalani Palmer, to conduct a Community Needs Assessment. The needs assessment is intended to provide UWIC with the data needed to inform its decisions concerning priority needs. The aims of the needs assessment were as follows: (1) identify the critical needs of the community, and (2) assess where and how United Way can make an impact. This report summarizes the data collected for the UWIC Needs Assessment.

Please click here to view our Community Needs Assessment

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