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The county-wide prevention coalition is a collective of local community stakeholders, including representatives from schools, hospitals, faith-based, law enforcement, health care, human services, and local government.

The coalition is trained in prevention sciences and data-based decision-making. This step-by-step guide and prevention-planning system aid in developing and supporting evidence-based prevention programs and policies, allowing community investments to effectively foster positive youth development. 

Our Children. Our Future. 


The Prevention Coalition system is a cooperative, community-driven process that aims to prevent problems in youth before they develop. This system takes a practical evidence-based, outcome-focused approach that involves the whole community in promoting positive youth development. This five-step operating system is used to mobilize communities and better align agency resources by reducing risk and enhancing protection.

  • Young people from communities using this system are 25% to 37% less likely to experience health and behavior problems.

Changing futures, one child at a time!

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Coalition Priorities



The data revealed that young people in Indiana County reported high levels of family involvement and attachment and that they are motivated to follow society's expectations and standards. Indiana County should work on continuing to build upon these strengths while also focusing on increasing opportunities for prosocial involvement.

The Prevention Coalition of Indiana County will be giving particular attention to implementing strategies or programs to address the following:

  • students' psychological, emotional, physical, and social well-being 
  • internet safety
  • vaping education
  • commitment to school
  • and opportunities for prosocial involvement

To learn more about the Coalition research, view our community assessment report here.



Community Assessment

The Assessing Community Resources workgroup will research what other evidence-based programs, policies, and practices exist in our communities to address the priority risks or build on protection. They will determine where there are gaps or we could support existing services and make recommendations on evidence-based programming.

Community Action Plan

A Community Action Plan will be created and implemented to address the risk and needs of the youth in our county. Programs will be evaluated and assessed on a regular basis.





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Volunteer Opportunities

Prevention Coalition Workgroups

Start creating positive change in the lives of our youth! Join a prevention coalition workgroup and help adolescents in Indiana County.

  • Risk and Protective Factor Assessment
  • Youth Involvement
  • Funding
  • Community Outreach and Board Maintenance
  • Assessing Community Resources

Youth Opportunities 

If you are between the ages of 12-21 and would like to serve as a youth voice for the coalition board and learn leadership skills, plan and implement activities, and advocate for important issues in your community, please consider joining our Youth Advisory Committee. 

If interested, please contact Donna Griffith, Community Engagement Coordinator, at

The power of caring, the power of us.


  • Kami Anderson - AICDAC
  • Whitney Carmichael - Alice Paul House
  • Judy Christian - Penns Manor
  • Jess Clark - The CARE Center
  • Carrie Cowie - Adiago
  • Jim Decker - Probation Office
  • Jessica Dinger - Indiana County Head Start
  • Maria Ellenberger - Community Member, Substitute Teacher
  • Michelle Faught - Indiana County Community Action Program
  • Erin Rischway - The Salvation Army Indiana Worship and Service Center
  • Donna Griffith - Former Director UWIC
  • Regina Horwat - Marion Center School District
  • Stephanie Keppich - IUP/Pitt Johnstown Communications Media
  • Belinda Lambie - Purchase Line School District
  • Morgan Livingston - Keystone Family Alliance
  • Robert Manzi - District Attorney's Office
  • Megan Miller - The Open Door
  • Melanie Mock - IRMC Physician Group Social Services
  • Kathy Monko - River Valley School District
  • Eric Neal - YMCA of Indiana County
  • Jill Northey - Armstrong-Indiana-Clarion Drug & Alcohol Commission
  • Kalani Palmer - IUP
  • Sarah Schroth - ARIN IU 28
  • Eric Slovinsky - Indiana Borough Police Department
  • Lisa Snyder - JusticeWorks Youthcare, Inc.
  • Jason Stepp - Indiana Gazette
  • Jennifer Van Wieren - Jennifer Van Wieren LPC
  • James Wagner - Former Director ARIN IU 28
  • Vicki Weaver - Children & Youth Services
  • Justin Zahorchak - Indiana Area School District



  • Kami Anderson - AICDAC
  • Patricia Berezansky - Purchase Line School District
  • Tammy Calderone - Armstrong-Indiana Behavioral & Development Health Program
  • Ralph Cecere- Homer-Center School District
  • Jess Cunningham - InFirst Bank
  • Mike Drew - The Reschini Group
  • Jennifer Eckels - WCCC
  • Sheriff Robert Fyock - Indiana County Courthouse
  • Robin Gorman - Indiana County Commissioner
  • Trooper Cliff Greenfield - PA State Police
  • Sherene Hess - Indiana County Commissioner
  • Mark Hilliard - Indiana County Chamber of Commerce
  • Robert Heinrich - Indiana Area School District
  • Daren Johnston - Penns Manor School District
  • Mike Keith - Indiana County Comissioner
  • Richard Lucas - United School District
  • Robert Manzi - Office of the District Attorney
  • Phil Martell - River Valley School District
  • Chad Martin - S&T Bank
  • Brigette Matson - ARIN IU 28
  • Mark McGowan - IUP
  • Darrin Mikula - Community Guidance Center
  • Brian Nalepa - Indiana Gazette
  • Wendy Newcomer - United Way of Indiana County
  • Tim Runge - IUP
  • Justin Schawl - Indiana Borough Police Department
  • Charles Spadafora Jr. - Colonial Motor Mart
  • Jim Struzzi - Representative Jim Struzzi's Office
  • Glenn Thompson - Constituent Services Rep for Congressman
  • Christian Vaccaro - IUP Office of the President, Sociology Department
  • Stan Webb - Indiana Area School District
  • Clint Weimer - Marion Center School District


To learn more about the Communities That Care Model, visit their website.

*Center for Communities That Care, University of Washington, School of Social Work.*

**This project was supported by the PCCD Subgrant #36138 awarded by the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD). The opinions, findings, and conclusions expressed within this publication/program/exhibition are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of PCCD.**